Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory

The Ruby Allcare Cardiac Centre hos o state-of-the-art Cardiac Cath. lab, fully equipped with the lotest machines & high-tech gadgets. It is laminated by stainless sheets oll around to keep the infection at minimum, olmeost like o modem operation theatre. The following treatments and diagnostic procedures ore pertormed in the lab.

Diagnostic Procedures – Angiographies

Angiographies – Coronary

Peripheral / Cerebral

  1. Cardiac Cath. Studies
  2. Others studies e.g. ERCP

Therapeutic (Treatment) Procedures

Angiographies – Coronary

Peripheral / Cerebral

  1. Balloon Volvotomies – Mitral / Aortic / Pulmonary
  2. Pacemaker Implantation
  3. Interventional Radiology Procedures
  • BTBMaudeh / withead elantina

CVTS (Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery)

Operation Theatre

The Operation Theatre at the Ruby Allcare Cardioc Centre ita spacious, centrally air-conditioned room designed to provide laminar ortlow with stainless stee! lamination on all sides to maintain the lowest infection rate (< 1%), | is fully-equipped with the following world-class, high-tech and ultra modem equipments to ensure that all cordioc surgeries ore performed proficiently, safely and within ime

  • Heart Lung Machine (Sockert)
  • Ultrasonic Harmonic Scalpel Johnson & Johnson)
  • Anoesthesio Machine (Drager Fabius)
  • Surgical Lamp – Hanoulux 3000 (Mouquet – Alm) Monitors 7 Para (Philips Mp40)

Cell Saver Mochine (Medtronics)

Cautery Machine (Valleylab)

Defibrillator (Philips)

  • Operation Table (Automatic)
  • Central O2, Nitrous and Suction Lines

Recovery Units

The Ruby Aljlcore Centre has two seperote Recovery Units specially designed to ensure that our patients hove o convenient, sofe, hasdle-free and comfortable recovery period

The O.T. Recovery Unit

The Post Anoesthesic Core Unit [PACU] is o centrally air- conditioned recovery unit situated beside the Cardiac Operation Theatre. Patients who have already been operated ore kept here for two to three days for close observation and ore given constent core by specially trained nurses and doctors At this unit, all the procedures are carried out with aseptic precautions and it is fully-equipped with the following opparotus/ godgets:

  • Multi Pora Monitors (Philips Mp40)
  • Defibrillator (Philips)
  • Ventilator (Maquest Servos}
  • Syringe Purnps (Fresenius Kabi)
  • Central 02, Nitrous and Suction Lines

Cardiac Cath. Lab. Recovery Unit

Patients are kept o under the constant care and supervision of trained nurses ond doctors for o few hours after undergoing Cath-Lab procedures in this unit before they are relocated to the Cardiac |.C.U. This unit is well-equipped with all the machinery, godgets and supplies os in the O.T Recovery Unit to ensure comfortable, sale ond speedy recovery following Cath-Lob procedures