Established as a joint venture between Ruby Ailcore Services and PCMC., the Ruby Ailcore Cardiac Centre is o privately 700 bedded multispecialty Yoshwantrao Chovan Memona managed super speciality heart care hospital in the Hospital (YOMH) at Pimpri, Pune. At the Ruby Ailcore Cardiac Centre, we offer on an array of cardiac diagnostic and treatment procedures ranging from Stress Tests 10 Angiographies, Angioplasties to Open Heart Surgeries and Medica Management of all cardiac ailments & emergencies.

We provide our patients with the best of staff and facilities available, tor all their medical needs. The centre is on one-stop destination offering world-class specialized cardiac services backed by C.T. Scan & MRI & Color Doppler services round the clock, by highly experienced, eminent and reputed Cardiac Super Specialists. To give our patients and their families, complete satisfaction and care, every service we offer is available at considerably subsidized costs w without compromising on quality, courtesy and comfort.

So when it comes to the heart, we got Ruby Aillcore Cardiac Centre will ensure that people get the best possible core they deserve. After all, every heart is precious & we core for it from the bottom of our heart.

Our Team of Specialists & Super Specialists

We, at Ruby Allcare Services, have o team of highly experienced, well-reputed & expert specialists, & super-specialists who provide your heart with the core it deserves because every heart is precious.


Dr Purvez Grant (M.D.; FACC (USA); FSRM (England)

Dr Sunil Sathe (M.D. (Med); DNB (cardio)

Dr Sidharth Gadage  M.D. (Med); DNB (Med & Cardio)

Dr Hasmukh Gujar M.D. (Med); DND (Cardio)

Dr Samanath Sable M.D. (Med); DND (Cardio)

Dr Kaushik Sheth DNB (Med); DND (Cardio)

Dr Akash Matgi M.D. (Med); DND (Cardio)


Dr Vinayak Karmakar MS; Mch (CVTS)

Dr Sandeep Tados MS; Mch (CVTS)

Dr Mahendra Bafana DNB (G Surg); DNB (CVTS)

Dr Amit Kharat (Radiologist) DMRD; DNB (Radio)

Dr Satish Gupta (I.C.C.U. Physician)


Dr Yadav Munde MBBS; DNB (Rad); PVIR (MUHS)

Founder Directors

Sandeep Singh

Pradeep Mulay

Sunil Dandawate

Manjo Rode

Dr Purvez Grant

Dr Ramesh Bhoile

Apurva Shah

Venue and Contact

Cardiac Centre: 020-67332199/27420505/322606634/32344790

Y.C.M.H. 1st Floor, Oppo- Patho Lab, Department, Cabin No. 150

C.T. Scan Centre: 020-32507491/67332170 and 171

Y.C.M.H. Ground Floor, Near X-ray department, Cabin no. 60

M.R.I. Centre: 020-32914199/67332316 and 317

Y.C.M.H., Basement, Near Y.C.M.H. Store, Cabin No. 1& 2