The 2D Echo/Colour Doppler studies are done, using o PHILIPS SONOS 7500 Machine with Adult & Paediatric TEE Probe, on all working days. We also offer cardiac consultation and counselling services after the test is taken

This is a non-invasive procedure which will help determine and possess various conditions of the heart and its valves & other structures:

    • Heart’s Muscles (e.g. infarction)
    • Valves (e.g. stenosis/regurge)
    • Septum (e.g. holes)
    • Great Blood Vessels (e.g. anomalies}
    • Pericardium (e.g. ticking/fluid)
    • Heart Chambers
    • (e.g. dilatation/hypotrophy, clot/tumour)

    Stress Test

    The Stress Test helps in determining the capability of the patient’s heart to handle the physical workload, and thereby indirectly assesses the condition of the heart’s coronary arteries. This test is performed on o Schillers treadmill in the presence of our private and specially trained technician, under the close supervision of o physician or Cardiologist, with Defibrillator and other cardiac resuscitation covers. For the safety of patients, we insist on 2D Echo/CD before TMT.

    CT Scan

    Our CT Scan Centre is operational 24 « 7 by our private, and well-trained technicians, under the instructions & supervision of experienced and expert radiologists

      • 8 slices per rotation j.e. 16 slices
      • Better pediatric exams per second (Smm slice cornered
      • Revolutionary Optidose Features to 7/10 mm at other centres)
      • Maximum radiation safety measures
      • Up to 30% less Xray redaction

    * The highly subsidized/ concessional charges are mentioned on the last page


    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a test that uses the magnetic field and pulses of radio wave energy to produce pictures of body structures. In many cases, MRI gives precise information about the normal & pathological structures in the body than an X-ray, ultrasound, or CT scan. Our Hitachi Airis Elite. 0.3T Machine in run 24 « 7 by technicians who provide a prompt diagnosis to enable timely treatment to the needy portents

    24 x7 Functioning Advanced Pathology Lab

    The Ruby Allcare’s Pathology Lab. is o fully automated lab running round the clock Placed neor the entrance of Cordioc Centre, this lab is equipped with the latest and high-tech equipments and gadgets such as “Cobos Roche £4] 1″; which enable us to pertorm speedily more than 300 tests in all subcategories of pothology such as Clinical Pathology, Biochernisiry, Serology, Microbiology & Histopathology. All the tests ore processed by our experienced & qualified priate technicians under the supervision of 0 reputed Pathologist to assure quality ond reliability to the highest degree. Moat af the fest reports ore ready within 20 to 30 minutes ond are highly accurate

    Open Medical/ Drug Store

    The 24 « 7 open medical store of Ruby Ailcore Cardiac Centre is well-stocked and houses o wide range of medicines & surgical articles. For the convenience of our patients, it is located near the entrance of the Cardiac Centre. We dispense each drug in separate & specific colour more pop pouches with oriented dosage schedules in Marathi and English, for easy understanding & accurate dosages. For every |PD patient, we provide o complimentary plastic medicine box also